Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Beginning (again)

These are starting photos so you can see why I've begun my "Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Feel Confident" journey again. These were taken the Sunday before the Monday I started the Primal Blueprint eating way of life. I am pretty overweight. I hope that no one would dispute or say, "oh no, you look fine" because I could never take your word again. I am way over a healthy weight and I have horrible stomach issues, my hands stay swollen, my knees ache and hurt all the time, I'm pretty sluggish most of the day and my focus is almost non-existent. That being said, it's been one week since I started eating PB. I feel great! I have energy! I am focused (or at least more so than I was)! My stomach is doing so, so much better! And I feel positive about what I'm doing. Oh, and I've lost 4.2 pounds in 7 days. I'm excited about reading recipes, trying new food and reading success stories of people who are on the same journey I am. I actually swam laps today on my lunch hour and I really like to daydream a bit while I'm swimming. Each lap I finished, I said to myself, "I'm proud of you". I realized that, while I am doing this for myself, so I can feel better and be healthier, I do love having the support that my husband and my family give me. When my niece was potty training, I would go in with her, sit on the floor and we would tell stories or talk about something silly. One day, she just sat looking at me after she'd gone but before she got off the potty and said, "Aren't you so proud of me?". I replied, "Yes, I am soooo proud of you". I realized that I had forgotten to say it (like I did every other time) and she wanted to hear it. She smiled her amazing smile, hopped down and off we went on our day. I think about that a lot. I love to hear "I'm so proud of you". My husband and dad are the best about saying it and meaning it. Enough chatter for today. Let me get this crazy post posted!